This open edition print is a lovely deep boysenberry on banana paper. The design was inspired by nature and a love of pollinators. Each print is hand printed. This is an open edition print and will be reproduced in future printing sessions (prints are not numbered, titled, or signed due to the texture of the paper). 


*Due to the nature of linocut printing, each print is slightly different in the registration. As a result, prints ordered will be slightly different from print pictured. This is what makes your print so unique and one of a kind! Prints are initialed and titled.

3 moths

  • This print design is approximately 6.5x9 inches on 8.5x11 inches banana paper.  Each print comes numbered, titled, signed, and dated. 

    This design was hand carved and block printed by hand onto boysenberry colored banana paper. Due to the irregular nature of banana paper, each print will be unique and different in look and feel. Printed with oil based permanent black ink.

    Disclaimer: Despite our best attempts at lighting, colors of products may not exactly match photographed product images on site. Your products may appear slightly brighter or darker than pictured.