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About Kim

What Is The Lovely Bug?


Hi there! My name is Kim. I'm a freelance artist & educator in Southern California. I enjoy a variety of art forms including digital, sketching, painting, music, dance, & more!  My BA is in history & my masters is in museum education.  I love teaching people & showing them that they are capable of learning, no matter what the subject. 

In the past I've worked for school districts, cities, counties, & companies doing a variety of education related jobs like substitute teaching, instruction, curation, program creation, & design.  While I loved my jobs (especially the museum career field), I wanted to step out on my own as an independent artist & education consultant.  I now spend my days happily creating art, designing teaching & career workshops for private & nonprofit organizations, & leading art workshops.

The Lovely Bug is the realization of my childhood hopes to one day sell my art.  It is my company for selling my art, taking commissions, consulting & teaching.  In my previous career I often attended city events in a polkadot dress with live native ladybugs to teach attendees about beneficial insects, food chains, carnivorous insects, & a variety of other topics.  After the 2nd event, visitors would come up & tell me that their children now referred to me as 'the ladybug lady' & would look for me at events.  I may have loved the nickname.  With a bit of research I found out that a group of ladybugs is called a loveliness.  Thus my business name was born!  

My lovely photo was taken by Alex Slattery!

Her contact is

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