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Digital projects

Nature Inspired Coloring Pages


Before becoming a full time freelance artist I was a museum educator. My main focus was natural sciences including biology, natural history, & citizen science.  Though I've left that behind in my freelance pursuits, nature continues to inspire me.  I love designing coloring pages that are nature inspired. Why coloring pages? So that anyone who wants to can create with me!




I particularly enjoy drawing fish & insects.  There's something very fun to me about the bright colors, shapes, & appendages.  


I love drawing animals!  There's so many options and ways to do it- all of them right!  Personally, my favorite way is mostly realistic but with a bit of cartoon style flair.  It really allows for a slight exaggeration of personality.

Travel Journals &
Illustrated Maps


Travel holds some of my greatest memories.  I love documenting my adventures through art. Graphic & lovely, this form of art has always held a special place in my heart. A picture speaks a thousand words, but with an illustration, I can truly narrate my experiences & customize them. 


Hand Lettering

I love hand lettering! Photos of restaurant sandwich boards, coffee shop chalk boards, & store windows are often found in my phone's camera roll. I'm always on the look out for new lettering inspiration & regularly doodle phrases that I see or hear. My personal style is a mix of lettering & illustration, though I also love strict lettering as well. 

Zodiac Sign.PNG



Pattern work is something I often do when I need a moment to clear my head or am looking for a break from other kinds of illustration.  I tend to use it as a vehicle to explore color combinations & as an exercise in creating stylized pieces.  Sometimes they're more detailed, sometimes they're simple representations of things, but they're always enjoyable & fun to create!

Contest Entries
& Submissions


I enjoy submitting work to art contests because they often have themes I wouldn't normally explore.  From fan art to home decor, I enjoy a good challenge!  These are some of my favorite submissions for the Her Universe fan art contest in collaboration with Fan Factory & Hot Topic, & for Ooh Deer's Pillow Fight cushion design contest.

We Rise


Murals, blankets, pillows, & more! I enjoy creating designs for all surfaces. I find my inspiration in nature, from current events, & my loved ones. Finding creative ways to illustrate the world around me is one of my favorite things to do, & it often turns into great decor!


As an artist, I make it a point to try to create every day. I do this for a few reasons, including that creating every day makes me happy, it's good to flex my artistic muscles, & it can help me improve as an artist. Sometimes these are doodled ideas (such as this fun Christmas tree hairstyle) & sometimes it's for self study (I'm forever bettering my technique, taking online classes, & doing focused drawing studies of people & animals). As a result, I produce something every day. You can see my daily posts on my Instagram account HERE.

Untitled_Artwork 67.png
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