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Shipping Policy


I support the USPS and utilize them as much and as often as possible. I ship with standard first class mail to ensure you get the lowest shipping costs.  Standard shipping rates apply and are calculated at checkout. I will pack all items together into one order to ensure the lowest shipping costs possible. 

All paper and or bendable items will be packaged appropriately in plastic to protect from water damage and in stiff mailers to prevent bending and or with inserts. Smaller orders will be shipped in regular envelopes to decrease shipping costs passed on to customers. 


You will receive a shipping notification as soon as items are shipped.

I currently only ship within the USA but will open up international shipping after the new year.



Customs duties and tariffs are calculated and included in tax/shipping upon checkout. However, additional charges upon arrival may apply for international orders. The purchaser is responsible for additional fees that may arise due to customs duties & tariffs.

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