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My Sketchbook

As a freelance artist and educator, I sometimes have long periods of down time.  I use it to continue to create items for sale but also to sketch.  My sketchbooks are full of doodles, portraits, & biology studies.  When looking for sketchbooks, I don't usually have any specifications.  Sometimes I prefer brown paper, sometimes white. Usually I lean more toward thick paper, but so long as I can write on it, I'm usually not too picky. As a result, I don't have a favorite brand & my shelves are filled with a mishmash of sketchbook sizes, colors, & types.  By far, two of my favorite things to sketch are my family & plants.  

Sketches, Doodles, & paintings

Autobiography comics & sketches

Sometimes life is best described in comic form. Personally, I find the funniest jokes are the ones rooted in reality.  I enjoy illustrating funny moments, quirks, & just basic information about myself.

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