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Returns & Refund Policy


Welcome to my Returns & Refunds Policy page. If you have any questions or have an issue with your order, please contact me at so that I may help.

If you purchase from

While I do not accept returns or exchanges under normal circumstances, sometimes things go wrong and I am happy to make situations right. I am confident in my shipping methods but accidents do happen. If your order arrives broken or damaged, I will be happy to provide replacements with proof of damage (a photograph in most cases will suffice). I print many of my own products and will be happy to create a replacement.  Occasionally I do outsource my printing to other manufacturers. These items are not found on my print on demand sites but are rather exclusives only found here on  These items are often not regularly restocked. If the item in question was part of an outsourced print order that will not be back in stock again, I will provide you with a refund or will provide you with a different item of your choice of equal value. Please email me at or click the button below to start the process.


If you purchase from a linked print on demand site

I love to produce my own prints. However, as a small business I do not have the ability or equipment to print all of my art on the variety of products I want to offer. Additionally, some of the designs created involve licensed art that would be illegal for me to produce and sell without permissions.  As such, I sometimes use 'print on demand' sites (3rd party manufacturers that take my designs and produce them on demand as orders come in) that have the ability to print on cloth, ceramic, various other materials, and have the distribution rights to many licensed franchises and participate in official fan art programs. For these designs, I include product info and link these pages in my shop. Clicking on these links will take you to different websites. Purchasing will require that you follow the rules of that site (such as creating an account, entering your shipping and payment information, etc.). While you will be purchasing my art, I do not have any control over their manufacturing or shipping processes (I collect a small royalty fee for each purchase from their site of my design but have no control over the customer interaction). If you have a problem with your order, you will need to contact their customer service and refer to their policies. Below I have linked the policies of the various sites I utilize for convenience.  

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