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A picture says a thousand words & we love to capture those special moments!  Photographers can make your most important life moments shine- & so can I!  With a clear photo that you or a loved one took, I can turn your memories into portraits & works of art!  



Family photos are some of our most treasured heirlooms.  Scrap books & photo albums are a link to the past that make us smile & cry.  But often there's someone missing.  If you don't have a tripod, the photographer in the family is usually absent from your shots.  

The wonderful thing about art is that we can add any missing family member back into your photo!  This loving husband was busy taking the photo of their family celebration.  With the provision of another photo of him, I was able to slip him into this magic memory for his wife!  

Stylized & Completed
Family Portraits

Untitled_Artwork 3.png
Untitled_Artwork 57.png

Stretched Portraits

I love playing with shapes! It can be so much fun to bend & warp the human form into fantastic & (extremely) unrealistic shapes. When kept curvy, free flowing, & loose, these shapes can produce fun, whimsical portraits of our friends & family.

Nothing says 'I love you' like a cartoon portrait or caricature!  Turn your loved ones into characters that they can print on canvas, stationary, or upload to their social media! Is there a nickname you'd like to give life to? Or maybe even an inside joke?  You, your family, & or your friends can all be transformed! Whether you prefer a cartoon likeness or a wavy caricature style, your commissioned piece will spark smiles & conversation!

Cartoon Portraits & Caricatures


Commercial Commissions

Though my commissions are usually with private citizens (they make fun gifts for loved ones & great decorations for a nursery, & loving memorials), I also take more commercial commissions as well! Some of my current clients include cities & businesses!

One of my most recent projects was a collaboration with a city in support of their face mask wearing campaign. Click HERE for free poster downloads created by myself & other local artists!

(I am a freelance artist- I do not work for the city or represent them)


Logo Design

Though not something that I often get to do, I'm commissionable to design logos! These are examples of my own logos that I use for packaging in my e-commerce store and for my business cards.


Online Avatars & Personas

Our need to shift to the digital world has increased in recent months.  Many of my clients are in need of a stylish & polished looking avatar for the online aspect of their businesses, professional lives, & now digitally social lives.  Are you a business owner looking for branding help? Are you a professional looking for a fun & personalized avatar to make you stand out? Or maybe you're new to social media & need an eye catching logo or avatar to go on your profile. You might even be a tabletop gamer & you suddenly find yourself in need of images of your character. Whatever your need, I'd love to help! 

Untitled_Artwork 2.png
Untitled_Artwork 5.png

Customized Silhouettes

Silhouettes are classic, beautiful pieces of art!  With a clear side profile photo, I can transform your image into a lovely mantle worthy treasure.  Decorating a nursery?  Updating a study?  In need of a nice anniversary gift?  No matter what the need or occasion, a silhouette is a thoughtful & personalized decorative item! Have a furry friend? I do pet silhouettes as well!

Logan Silhouette

Museum, Learning Centers, & Educational Commissions

My background in museum eduction allows me to better understand the needs of educational institutions. I often consult with museums, learning & discovery centers, nature centers, non profits, & camps to create fun, educational activities. 

Commissions have ranged from coloring pages & paper dolls (a favorite project of mine!), images to go with national research reports & websites on native species populations, to tutorials & how to videos. 

Untitled_Artwork 18_edited.png
Untitled_Artwork 16_edited.png
Desert Five Spot
Blazing Sand Star

Paper Flower Templates

Paper is a wonderful medium to work with! The paper flower trend over the past several years has allowed for fun commission work with clients such as museums & national parks. These flower templates were created with California native wildflowers in mind for grade schoolers to construct out of card stock. They have been used for several years by my client now & have been featured as part of their award winning project!

Personalized Scenes from Joshua Tree Nat



While not as common, I do take painting projects & commissions on! These commissions were for painting newly uncovered fireplace tiles & decorating pottery. My clients requested colorful & stylized works that I was very happy to deliver!

Interested in commissioning me? 

The consultation process is easy & FREE! Email me or click the button below to get started. We will discuss what your needs are, your vision for the project, & your timeline. After a better understanding of the commission, I will give you a cost estimate. Prices are based off of estimations of time & materials. If you decide to move forward with the commission, I will send you a digital basic contract that protects your privacy & discusses fees & then I will begin. Invoices are sent digitally via the WIX platform, Square, or in hard copy via USPS (if checks are the preferred method of payment, they must clear before the work begins & the final piece is delivered).

Undecided? Why not visit the commissions page HERE to read some reviews of past clients & for news on any sales currently happening?  Not sure if a commission is right for you? Contact me & find out! The consultation is free to you!

FREE consultation
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