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Non-photo pencil


2B pencil

Archival ink pens

(01, 02, 05, 08 sizes)


Sketchbook (any kind)

Water brush


Paint brushes


Water color paint brushes


Water color



Watercolor paper

(hot & cold press)


iPad Pro

(12.9-inch 3rd generation)


Apple Pencil

(2nd generation)



I enjoy a variety of tools & companies in my art supplies.  Personally, for me it's less about a name & more about the result I want.  When I walk into a store or peruse products online, I make my purchases based off of the question 'what will I be able to do with this?' As a result, my desk & studio space ( living room) is full of various companies.  When listing my tools I go less by brand name & more by type. Below are some of my regular go to items.

My Tools

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