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Kim Cobb



Can I help you reach the stars?

Do you have large dreams? I bet you do. As a business owner, entrepreneur, creative, pioneer, & all around go getter, you have goals! It's not a matter of 'if' you're going to make it big, it's a matter of WHEN. But getting there alone isn't always easy.  That's where I come in! I have a dream too. It's to assist you in achieving your goals. 

Black Sky

Have you ever said...

“I'm really bad at talking about myself.” 


—  You

Hiring a copywriter can free up your time & reduce your stress! A copywriter will write 'copy' or content for you. As a copywriter I can help you with your websites, emails, blogs, newsletters, & other text needs.

A Copywriter Can Help You!

content made easy

Relax about your content & focus on running your business while I write for you!

emails made easy

Sending out emails is a breeze when you have someone to draft them for you!

fast copy for all your needs

Landing pages, website copy, & blog creation is a snap with a copywriter!

Will it sound like me?

No need to worry about tone, I can match whatever your voice is!

Ready to begin?

Contact me & tell me what your needs are & I'll help you achieve your goals!