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Informal Educational Consulting

Customized Educational Materials & Programming 

Kids in the Museum

Why consider an informal education consultant?

The possibilities are endless!

Education opportunities are everywhere, & educators the world over work hard to ensure that their learners have fun, engaging, & memorable experiences.  But sometimes the lack of staffing or time can lead to the need for outside resources. 

As an education consultant I can offer you tailored products that are customized to suit the needs of both you & your learners. Store bought curriculum is wonderful & can be used to produce excellent programming, but having a product made FOR YOU creates an experience ONLY YOU can provide. 

Kids in the Museum

My Clients

Currently, my clients include museums, summer camps, city departments, creative businesses, & nonprofits.


I work with each of my clients to create programs, worksheets, coloring pages, lectures, workshops, or classes that fit the needs of their visitors/customers.

My Offerings

Some of my most popular offerings include original curriculum, action plans for events & programs, supplemental activities to enhance a program, step by step short program guides with scripts, tour development with scripts, customer service & classroom management trainings for staff, program design workshops, exhibit design workshops, & volunteer codes of conduct & trainings.

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My Qualifications & Experience

I have spent years volunteering in informal learning organizations such as camps & nurseries, worked & volunteered in university & city museums, taught in schools, & coordinated several centers. I spent that time learning the needs of educators, students, & parents while crafting educational activities & materials that met their needs & the needs of my employing institutions.  

Bachelor of Arts in History | Minor in Classical Civilizations
Certificate in Museum Studies 
California State University, Chico | Chico, California

Masters of Arts in Museums and Galleries in Education
Institute of Education | London, England

Curator's assistant

Educational Outreach Events Coordinator

Substitute teacher

Associate Curator of Education

Nature center coordinator

Community center coordinator

Supervisor in a city department

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I've created STEM based science camps; co-founded large events; taught in and outside of the formal classroom; created curriculum for museums, nature centers, events, & camps; provided workshops; interfaced with the public; spoken at museums; trained volunteers; run visitor surveys; managed teams; trained employees in educational techniques; designed PSA posters; & assessed visitor experiences. I'd love to chat to see what I could create for you & your organization. Consultations are free! 

Let's discuss your programming needs!

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