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Like many of California's locations, the City of Riverside is full of amazing sights and history (so many that we couldn't fit them all on one map)! Hang this fun illustrated map to remind you of just a few of the many locations that make Riverside special! This 8.5 x 11 inch edition of the map is inspired by mid-century modern children's book illustrations and their limited color pallets.

Riverside Illustrated Map Retro Inspired Print

  • Maps are digital prints on bright white, 51lb (192g/m2 ), high quality matte paper. 

    To maintain the quality and colors of your print do not store or display the print outside or in locations where it is regularly exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. The paper manufacturer suggests displaying prints on their paper in glass frames or albums to preserve the color quality as exposure to airborn contaminates and light may disculor the print.

    Disclaimer: Despite our best attempts at lighting, colors of products may not exactly match photographed product images on site. Your products may appear slightly brighter or darker than pictured.

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