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Personal Desk

Resume Building & Interview Coaching

Help with professional skills from Kim

Filling a resume or curriculum vitae is often a daunting task when we're just starting out, but it can be just as difficult with years of experience. Even more nerve wracking is the interview after your resume/CV has been accepted. Why is it so difficult? For many people, talking about themselves is a skill they never learned. It's not always boastful to talk about yourself- if you know how to do it right, it can be a skill that will carry you far & help you land that job!

Curriculum Vitae

Resume Building

A good resume can take you far- it can land you a job, gain many compliments, & even get you suggested & recommended for other jobs even if you aren't selected for the one you applied for. But getting there is a process. Having someone to help with the process can enable you to feel more confident in your job search!

Interview Coaching

You could have been perfect for the job! But someone's interview was better. Many people struggle with interviews. It often feels awkward to talk about yourself & it's tough to sit in the 'hot seat' & be evaluated. Poor interview skills can hold you back from new employment & promotions.

Before the Interview

I can help!

I have years of experience as a supervisor & have always believed that part of my job was to help anyone who wanted to get a promotion or move on to their ultimate career goals. In my time working for non-profits & for a city, I've sat on many hiring panels & have interviewed well over 100 applicants. As a result, I've seen my fair share of resumes & all kinds of interviewees. I can help you design a resume that's both helpful & professional, & I can also help you gain confidence in your interview skills.


I will help you fill your resume sections to display your previous duties,  skillsets, & relevance


I will help you find your voice to help your resume stand out & be memorable


I will help you edit your resume to display an accurate snapshot of your skills, experience, & qualifications


I will help you design an overall look & feel that is both eye-catching & also represents you as an individual


Coaching can help you change your mindset & help with your nerves


It's hard to talk about yourself but with a bit of coaching you can do it without feeling like you're bragging


Insight on the interview process will help you give interviewers what they want & need from you


Feeling more confident & prepared can help take a lot of the anxiety out of interviewing for good

What Clients Say

"If you are currently job searching or just need to spice up your resume I strongly recommend Kim. She is extremely knowledgeable in what potential employers are looking for in a resume. After a 15 minute consultation Kim brought my resume to the next level. I received immediate positive feedback on my resume and many more interviews. After just a week I am now looking forward to starting my new position on Monday. Thanks Kim!"
Work Desk


Resume editing is $35
(typos, formatting errors, etc.)

Resume building & coaching is $50 per hour
(language, presentation, & actual content)

Interview coaching is $40 per hour

Initial consultations are virtual & free. I evaluate resumes (if you have one) over email & hold virtual 15 minute meetings for interview coaching needs. Both are free. If after these free consultations I feel that you don't require my services, I'll tell you! There's no integrity in charging you if you don't need me.

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