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With over 25 years (volunteering, interning, & career work) of education experience (including substitute teaching, museum education, tours, nature centers, & curriculum writing), I can say that one thing has never changed:


It's just that sometimes you need a little more time or you need someone to explain it in a different way that's tailored to you.

And that's where I come in!

Sometimes we just need more time to process information, or a one-on-one setting. There's nothing wrong with needing information presented over a longer period of time or in a new way. As a child I struggled with my dyslexia & understand the fear & anxiety that comes with needing more time to learn something.  As a result, I focus on ensuring that each of my clients has the time they need in a low pressure environment to absorb information. You or your student will have my full attention to ensure you feel comfortable in the material you're learning. Sessions are virtual & 1 hour long at $25 an hour.

What subjects do you tutor in?

Writing (high school & up)*

History (all ages)

Art History (all ages)

Earth Sciences (all ages)

Literature (all ages)

Resume writing (high school & up)

*Writing tutoring as a specialty

Though I can do multiple subjects, my specialty is in writing. Writing well is not something that comes easily to many people. It can be difficult to write an articulate paper, but for many of us it's hard enough just to write an email that is coherent & organized. One of my best areas of tutoring lies in writing skills. If you're in high school or above, I can help you identify your strengths & weaknesses, create goals, articulate yourself in writing, & improve your overall ability for better results in a variety of writing styles (professional, instructional, narrative, a website like this one...).

Besides reading, writing is the skill I value the most in my professional life. I have watched as people have been passed over for promotions & have not been taken seriously because they lacked writing skills. I myself have been given the task of writing many documents in the workplace for supervisors (including policies, important emails for department heads, & reviewing & editing employee reviews). Why?  My writing skills were on a different level than some of my peers. If you can write well, you can go extremely far in the professional work place. I have learned that supervisors know who they can and can't turn to when it comes to writing or editing a well written document. If you aren't a very good writer, they know. Being able to produce solid pieces of writing makes a supervisor's life easier & also gives you a clear avenue for promotion. Do I still make mistakes? Absolutely! But does my skill level show through despite them? Yes!

If you are a student, a professional, an adult looking to improve, or a parent/guardian with a student of your own that is in need of writing help, I'd love to speak with you. Whether you have needs in professional settings, school assignments, or just want to finally tackle your writing issues & elevate your writing skills, I can help. I have seen results while coaching coworkers, editing the dissertations of students, & have received amazed & excited reports from teachers I was substituting for.  Writing tutoring sessions are virtual, last 1 hour & run $25 per session. Each session is tailored to the client's needs but may include writing sample evaluations, line by line editing, paragraph structure, & thesis statement pointers to name a few possible topics. As an educator my primary goal is to ensure my client understands the information & can improve. If that means you only need one session then so be it. I'd much rather pack in as much information & help for you as I can & then never make another penny off of you than try to drag out 10 sessions.

In need of an editor?

Sometimes we need a second pair of eyes to look over our work. This doesn't mean that your work is full of mistakes. It can be very beneficial to have a second pair of eyes on things even if you are an extremely strong writer. 

Having a proofreader & editor can help you:

Be more concise

Expand your vocabulary usage

Eradicate typos 

Ensure reader comprehension

Check your tone

Polish your finished product

My proofreading & editing rates:

Proofreading $5 per page     |     Editing $8 per page **


**These are general rates that apply to most client proofreading & editing needs. They come out to approximately $0.01 for proofreading & $0.16 for editing per word on a single spaced page (500 words per page). In some circumstances these rates may increase for editing. Email me for a free consultation where we will discuss what kind of editing you require (for example, technical manuals require more time to ensure comprehension, logic, & readability than narratives).

What are your qualifications?

MA in Informal Education with a focus on Museum & Gallery Education from the Institute of Education, 2014

(world leader ranked #1 in the world 7 years running by QS ranks by subject for educators)

BA in History & Minor in Classical Civilizations from California State University Chico, 2009


Substitute Teacher in the Fontana Unified School District from 2010-2012

Museum educator/informal educator in various museums & nature centers from 2007-2020

(including intern, summer camp leader & content creator, curatorial assistant, education events outreach coordinator, exhibit designer, tour guide, supervisor, curriculum content creator for city departments, & volunteer coordinator & trainer)

Experience with childcare programs (Daycare, nursery, VBS experience) 1995-2003


“Kim was such a great help in editing my Master’s Thesis. Not only did she provide corrections for grammar and spelling, but also helped me with sentence structure, section debriefs, and formatting tips. She gave me brainstorming ideas for content, helped me follow professional standards of thesis work, even guiding me through the Bibliography and Appendices.  Throughout the whole process Kim was professional, prompt, and meticulous in detail. I would trust Kim to edit anything from an email to a professional paper and would be grateful to have her again as my tutor or editor.” 


—  Jessica V., MS recipient 2017

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